Permanent makeup treatments

We recently conducted a survey with 17 experienced permanent makeup artists about what pre-procedure advice they give to their patients. We have created an entire document which outlines what they advise their clients.

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When can’t you have a permanent makeup treatment?

Some permanent makeup procedures shouldn’t be performed on an individual if any of the following applies:

  • Diabetes
  • Pregnancy
  • Breast feeding
  • Heart disorders
  • Hepatitis

Any treatment of an individual can be only performed if a patch test reveals that you aren’t allergic to any pigments that are supplied by the clinic. If the patch test comes up positive for anything, you can ask them to try another brand of pigment to see if different results are found.

What should you do about exercise?

All artists that we surveyed told us that they recommend their clients to not work out on the day of the procedure. The reason for this is that as the body heats up, pores will open up and expand them. See advice about aftercare.

It is also advised to prevent sweating as much as possible for up to a week after your treatment. Again this is due to pores expanding and the tattoo not healing properly.

Do different skin types affect the overall results?

If you’re an individual with oily skin, the initial results may appear lighter and softer. You can discuss with your artist about extra procedures to ensure they are as bold and defined as you would like them. Contact us for more information.

On darker skin types, the pigmentation may not appear as bold as other skin types. This isn’t the fault of the artist or technician, but should be discussed with you before any treatment starts.

Other important information that should be noted

Derma fillers can alter the shape of brows and lips, therefore if getting this procedure done after all treatments, it can change the overall effect. See how to deal with treatments in everyday life.

If undergoing laser hair removal treatment, be careful that the radiation may change the colour of your pigment. Before continuing with laser hair removal, talk to your consultant and let them know you have had micropigmentation treatment.